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Eagle Wings of Service 

Eagle Wings of Service the branch of Eagle Wings Pageantry devoted to those who want to make a difference in their community. This program is for girls and women devoted to service. 

12 Month Term 

Custom Embroidered Rhinestone Sash with Titleholder's Name on back

Beautiful Crown 

Crown/Sash Case 

Sash Pin Club of the Month Membership (12 months) 

Mini Photo Shoot with Professional Photographer 

Multiple "Group" Service Opportunities throughout reign

Queens Day 

Summer Pool Party




Eagle Wings of Service Information 

There are 10 titles available for the 2023/24 reign. These titles are available by application only where winners will be announced on 04/01/23. 

Reign: 07/01/23 - 06/30/24

Red=Title is still available 

Young Miss Eagle Wings of Service (ages 5-7)

Little Miss Eagle Wings of Service (ages 8-9)

Junior Miss Eagle Wings of Service (ages 10-11)

Junior Teen Eagle Wings of Service (ages 12-14)

Teen Eagle Wings of Service (ages 15-17)

Miss Eagle Wings of Service (ages 18+)

Mrs. Eagle Wings of Service (ages 18+ and married) 

Elite Eagle Wings of Service (ages 35+)

Junior Ambassador Eagle Wings of Service (ages 12 and under)

Senior Ambassador Eagle Wings of Service (ages 13+)

Contract for selected titleholders will include: 

As an EWS title holder I will complete 9 quality appearances of my choice in my 12-month reign spacing them out during the year.

If chosen, I will pay the $50.00 required non-refundable deposit upon my acceptance of title. 

I will not "double dip" and use my EWS sash/crown for an appearance or photo opportunity and then change into another sash/crown representing another system at the same event.

I will agree to help with fundraising efforts during me reign to the best of my ability. (Sharing posts, asking for family and friends to help, collecting items for raffles, etc.)

I will participate in at lease 2 EWS group events during my reign (There will be at least 1-2 per month to choose from)

I will pick a platform to represent during my reign and I will spread awareness of this platform while wearing my EWS sash and crown.

I will have open communication with director Beth Espada.

I will promote positive pageantry, sisterhood and kindness to my fellow EWS queens and director.

EWS Fees  & EWP Fees 

Eagle Wings of Service Fee (12 month title)- $200.00

Eagle Wings Pageantry Fee (one- day event) - $175.00 

If doing both programs- $275.00 total ($100 discount)


*Fees include a custom t-shirt for each program signed up for.

*Fees do not include optional events (vacation wear and OOC these are $15 each to add on for EWP one-day pageant) 


Deposit of $50.00 for EWS- due by acceptance of title (Final balance due by 07/01/23)

Deposit of $50.00 for EWP due with registration. (Final Balance due by 07/01/23 if doing both or by 08/01/23 if only doing one-day pageant) 


DO NOT PAY FOR EWS unless you receive an acceptance letter. This FREE application does not guarantee you will be selected for a title. 


I will pay the remaining balance of $150.00 by 07/01/23 if I am NOT participating in EWP presents "Ohana Means Family" on 09/09/23. My total paid to EWS with my deposit and final balance paid is: $200.00

I will pay the $50 deposit to EWP with my registration. I will pay the remaining $125.00 to EWP by 07/01/23. I will pay deposit of $50.00 to EWS by 04/01/23. I will pay my final balance with EWS of $50.00 by 07/01/23. (My grand total paid with deposits and final balances totals: $275.00)

Fill out contact from below to apply for an EWS available title. 

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